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Engineering Data for Digital Transformation - Houston

Engineering Data for Digital Transformation

The process of turning data into digital assets involves many steps ranging from data collection, validation, reconciliation, conditioning, etc.  Collectively, these steps are known as data engineering. The goal is to reliably deliver usable data to operators, analysts, data scientists, business processes and other applications.

About Pimsoft & Sigmafine an introduction

About Pimsoft and Sigmafine

This video gives a short introduction to Pimsoft and our signature product Sigmafine.  With a quick overview of the business we are in, the industries we serve,  and the applications we support.

What's New

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    Sigmafine improves process and manufacturing data quality, credibility, and usability across the enterprise.

    • Actionable Information at all times
    • Sustainable Data Quality
    • Maximizing the value of Information
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    Pimsoft provides a range of service packages designed to meet each customer’s specific implementation requirements.

    • Envision
    • Implementation
    • Training
    • Sigmafine Updates
    • Sigmafine Migration
    • Application Management

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