2019 Sigmafine Summit Registration Now Open

The theme for this year’s Summit centers around the idea of Engineering Data for Digital Transformation. Through the process of validating, reconciling and conditioning data you are able to engineer a plantwide data set that is accessible and ready for use to make informed decisions.

By attending the Sigmafine Summit, you will discover how to leverage Sigmafine as a virtual data engineering service, enabling the realization of advanced digital strategies and the use of advance digital technologies in your organization.

Two and a half day format

This year’s Summit will feature a two and a half day format. One day of training followed by a welcome reception. One full day conference inclusive of breakfast and lunch and presentations of use cases and best practices from customers, partners and Pimsoft business and development representatives followed by some sort of evening event/happy hour. The final day will be half day techlab, where attendees will have the chance to experience a hands on demo with the new SigmafineVisualizer™.

For more information and to register please visit https://www.sigmafine.live/.


Training: October 9th | Summit: October 10th | Techlab: October 11th


Training: October 22nd | Summit: October 23rd | Techlab: October 24th


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