Industrial Plant Dataset

The Job of Sigmafine

The Industrial Plant Dataset is a complex amalgam of synchronous and asynchronous data types and data sources which must be collected, checked, structured and organized to service the business and operational scenarios of users, applications and business process.

Data Types
Operating Conditions
Flow, pressure, temperatures, levels which represent the state of materials and equipment at any given time or for a given time interval
Quality Data
Lab Results typically coming from LIMS, out of order relative to the operating conditions often crossing across reconciliation periods.

It includes also s analyzer results and any property sensor (e.g. viscosity, density, etc)

Inventory Data
Volume to mass conversation and compensation, strapping tables, etc.
Material Transfers
List of all material movements (receipts, shipments, internal transfers, feed-ins, rundowns) with their respective start time, end time, origin and destinations and material transferred.
Utilities and Energy Consumption
All ancillary measurements made on systems supporting mainstream operations. Similar in nature to all of the above but originating from different physical systems or networks.
Planning & Scheduling Data
Data about the expectations which can related to any of the above categories and can help assess the actual vs. planned results.
Design Data
Design data of equipment and systems can be referenced to provide and additional level of check and balances as well as develop intelligent substitution rules for occasional missing data.

The job of Sigmafine is to assemble data into a dataset from disparate sources and types. The Dataset enables users, applications and business processes to perform according to  expectations and beyond.

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