Achieving Operational Excellence with Automated Hydrocarbon Accounting with Sigmafine at Reliance

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Houston, September 18, 2018.


Due to Jamnagar’s large production volumes, oil movements and production data has to be handled efficiently and it is virtually impossible to manually verify the accuracy and validity of this data. Automating the hydrocarbon accounting process for such a huge complex thus becomes of immense importance in order to maintain and improve margins. A well-designed automation platform facilitates data validation and approval of production and oil movements’ data at the business layer. A timely identification of inaccuracies of process data with the use of a good data reconciliation software plays a significant role in conditioning of data. The importance of accurate data in “Digitalization” era is also discussed. This presentation addresses issues faced by hydrocarbon manufacturing industries, the unconditional management commitment and support in these endeavors, and the standardization of automation processes. It also addresses the importance of management support from the design stage together with an automation vision that will result in consolidation of a good integrated platform to achieve operational excellence. The presentation concludes with key recommendations from experience that reinforce the thesis that – Digital technology is going to be a key enabler for achieving operational excellence in the Hydrocarbon Industry and well-conditioned data will produce the basis of digitalization for this industry.

Presented by

Vikas Deshmukh
Vice President at Reliance’s Technology Centre of Excellence

I have 26+ years of experience in Refining, Petrochemicals, Operations, IT/Automation & Consulting. Key areas expertise includes the conceptulization, design, Program Management, Project Management and implementation of various Process Automation systems like Operations Mangement, Performance Management, Asset Management, Alarm Management, Quality Management, Yield Accounting, Historians, Blending, Oil Movement & Terminal Automation, I have worked on Integration programs includng the software development programs.

Other key expertise area is implementation of DCS and DCS based advanced applications. Having led multiple projects in multiple industries over the last 26 years, I have broad technology, systems and industry expertise, which includes 7 years of domain experience in Oil & Gas, Refining & Petrochemicals. I have gained good experience in successful delivery of MES applications from conceptual stage. I have also managed manufacturing business transformation projects like Operations management, Alarm Management, Early Event Detection, Dashboard, etc for Refineries and worked with various consultants like Matrikon, Booz, KBC, Shell Global, SAP, etc in benchmarking of various MES applications and standardizing the applications portfolio. I have gained good experience on various vendors systems like Invensys, Honeywell, Aspen, etc.

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