ArcelorMittal: Digital Transformation of Excel spreadsheets to the #1 KPI in our plant, using Sigmafine

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Houston, October 23, 2019.


In the mining industries, metallurgical accounting is as important as financial accounting because every ton of production turn into dollars on the financial statement. Uncertainties in the production translate directly into uncertainties in the financial statement and the decision making that follows. Therefore, improving the accuracy, consistency, transparency, timeliness and reliability of the transformation of measured data through sensors and analysers in the plant into “bankable” and actionable production data is mission critical. In this presentation you will hear about our digital transformation journey to achieve a high level of trust and confidence in the production data at our Iron ore pelletizing plant located in Port Cartier (QC), Canada.

Presented by

Émilie Hébert
Analystist statistic
ArcelorMittal Exploitation minière Canada s.e.n.c.

Émilie graduated from the École de technologies supérieures de Montréal in 2009 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Automated Production. In July 2010, she joined the metallurgical process team at ArcelorMittal. Since then, she has held the position of statistical analyst. Emilie was part of the team that developed the Sigmafine model to replace the material balance nomenclature made with Excel.

Sophie Morrisette
Principal Analyst – operation systems
ArcelorMittal Exploitation minière Canada s.e.n.c.

Sophie has 24 years’ experience in the mining industry. Her background in mathematics and computer science have seen her to put in practice Operational Research in the Mining, Rail and Port operations. She is an enterprise solution architect, technology strategy and R&D analyst. Her primary focus has been in applying operational research techniques to maximize operations efficiency and productivity in the iron-ore mining industry. She has extensive experience in using digital and technology strategies to bring about operational efficiency improvements and cost savings.

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