Pimsoft at OSIsoft Kuwait Regional Seminar 2018

Run Your Business With One Accurate and Integrated Dataset

As a speaker and exhibitor at the OSIsoft 2018 Regional Seminar in Kuwait on April 17, Pimsoft will showcase how Sigmafine uses the OSIsoft® PI System® Asset Framework (AF) to deliver a robust system of checks and balances to create a dataset and a digital representation of the Industrial Plant that is coherent, trustable and usable — a dataset ready for business.

Our presentation titled Integrated Mass and Energy Balance of Olefin Plants with PI System® and Sigmafine will be shared by Pimsoft’s Refining and Petrochemicals Industry Principal, Marco Lanteri. An abstract of the speech is found below.

Achieving higher data quality contributes to the creation of value by critically assessing both material and energy production and consumption. A customer’s infrastructure leverages OSIsoft® PI System® and Pimsoft Sigmafine to contextualize data collected from three olefin plants. Daily data from the PI System are aggregated then analyzed by a set of AF-based Sigmafine models. Sigmafine solves the mass and energy balance, minimizing the measurement errors and returning a set of reconciled data that is exported in web reports and posted to SAP as official accounting figures. Furthermore, the detailed Sigmafine models produce reliable KPIs based on reconciled values, such as duty and efficiency of cracking furnaces, work and efficiency of compressors and steam turbines, and more.

In the end, one comprehensive solution based on PI System® and Sigmafine enables the achievement of “one version of the truth” by performing consistent production accounting, performance monitoring and energy management.

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Sigmafine Benefits

Accurate and timely Production and Inventory Accounting for financials.

Monitoring, identification and reduction of losses.

Improve data accuracy and KPIs by reconciling and validating process information.

Both commercial and regulatory compliance

Improve fiscal measurement for allocation, verification of custody transfers and identification of lower quality or out of spec products in receipts and distribution.

Reduce measurement maintenance by prioritizing maintenance on instruments identified by Sigmafine to have bias or calibration drift.

Resolve production allocation issues by properly assigning the correct energy and volume owned by each provider.

Sigmafine Applications

Data Reconciliation – Validate the quality of your process data and optimize your meters accuracy by identifying and reducing measurements bias and drifts.

Energy Contents Balance – Apply mathematical constraints to increase energy efficiencies.

Natural Gas Composition Measurement – Track liquid/natural gas composition in your facilities and monitor the quality and energy content of your outputs.

Tank Management and Delivery Planning – Introduce ad-hoc solutions for tanks management and delivery planning to minimize moorages and delay.

Production Allocation –  In production facilities, use Sigmafine to properly allocate volumes and energy according to their specific owners.

Environmental Data Validation – Monitor and validate your environmental measurements for accurate & reliable regulatory reporting.

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Turn Your Dataset Into A Strategic Asset

Sigmafine provides fully validated data you can use to ensure optimal business processes, applications performance and business ready data for the decision makers.

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