Cheniere: LNG Production and Inventory Accounting on an Energy Basis 

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Houston, October 23, 2019.


An LNG facility must produce verifiable production and inventory figures for both financial and operational purposes. In order to achieve this objective, the execution of daily balance and its corresponding monthly aggregation including both mass and energy figures by train and facility. Additionally, the data engineering system should include calculation capabilities specified by the established industry standards, as this is key to producing reliable financial figures. This presentation discusses how Cheniere was able to add meaning and context to the disparate data in their facilities to increase the value of their assets.

Presented by

Matthew Carlson
Production Engineer
Cheniere Energy Inc.

“Since joining Pimsoft in 2014, Bernard has been involved in expanding Pimsoft’s Sigmafine business throughout the world. Prior to joining Pimsoft, Bernard served in an executive capacity at OSIsoft, a Strategic Alliance of Pimsoft, where he held the positions of General Manager of OSIsoft Canada, Vice-President Worldwide Sales, Executive Vice President and President of OSIsoft LLC from 2001 to 2012.

Matthew Carlson is a Production Engineer at the Cheniere Sabine Pass LNG Facility, where he has been for 8 months. In this position, he and his team are responsible for maintaining and increasing LNG Production. This includes Production Forecasting, the Facility Energy Balance, Production Reporting, and Coordinating with Gas Supply and Commercial Operations. 

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