Conditioning Process Data for Digital Transformation – Houston

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Houston, September 18, 2018.


The concept of conditioning materials for use is universal, specifically in the process industry where every day, raw materials are conditioned according to the processing capability of the plant. This concept has yet another relevant application within the plant operations ecosystem: data conditioning, an essential step in the digital transformation which is revolutionizing plant operations and impacts all workers across the entire organization and its value chain. Find out why Sigmafine is the weapon of choice for this journey.

Presented by

Bernard Morneau
Business Development & Sales Executive

Since joining Pimsoft in 2014, Bernard has been involved in expanding Pimsoft’s Sigmafine business throughout the world. Prior to joining Pimsoft, Bernard served in an executive capacity at OSIsoft, a Strategic Alliance of Pimsoft, where he held the positions of General Manager of OSIsoft Canada, Vice-President Worldwide Sales, Executive Vice President and President of OSIsoft LLC from 2001 to 2012.

Bernard is a highly experienced executive with engineering and technology experience and a proven track record of successful business development, sales and operations management. In 1991, he co-founded Cogexel, a software development and integration company which later became the OSIsoft Distributorship in Canada and was acquired by OSIsoft LLC in 2001. Before this entrepreneurial phase of his career, Bernard occupied diverse technical, management and executive positions in the metallurgical, chemical and oil & gas industries in eastern Canada. Bernard earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa in 1978.

Massimo Galli
Vice President Global Sales and Co-Founder

Massimo Galli is Vice President and a Pimsoft shareholder. He has been working for 25+ years for major companies such as Capgemini, CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), and Elsag Bailey to provide solutions for the process and manufacturing industries. In 2001, he and other current shareholders founded Pimsoft.

In the last decade, Massimo has managed the expansion of the Sigmafine business, sustaining its transformation into a value-added framework improving data quality for process and manufacturing industries.

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