Discover What’s New About Sigmafine at Upcoming OSIsoft Events Worldwide

Pimsoft is a long-time OSIsoft® partner and will soon be coming to a city near you at one of their events! Sigmafine uses the OSIsoft® PI System® Asset Framework (AF) to deliver a robust system of checks and balances based on conservation principles, statistics, engineering standards and calculations to create a dataset and a digital representation of the Industrial Plant that is coherent, trustable and usable — a dataset ready for business. Pimsoft’s Sigmafine team will speak, exhibit and participate in the following events:

OSIsoft Pharmaceutical Industry Seminar – Milan, Italy
April 5 – Pimsoft’s Sigmafine team lead, Katia Molino, will present how OSIsoft® infrastructure and Sigmafine technology support material balancing and cost tracking at the OSIsoft Pharmaceutical Industry Seminar in Milan. The presentation will demonstrate how Sigmafine provides precise data for production balance, accounting for waste and allocation of batch costs in terms of raw materials. The result is highly reliable data from Sigmafine that can be trusted and actionable in OSIsoft® PI Vision® data analysis and Business Intelligence analysis. To learn more about Sigmafine for data quality in process industries, schedule an enquiry with Antonio Bonaccini here.

OSIsoft Kuwait Regional Seminar – Kuwait City, Kuwait
April 17 – Pimsoft’s presentation titled “Integrated Mass and Energy Balance of Olefin Plants with PI System® and Sigmafine” will be introduced at the OSIsoft Kuwait Regional Seminar and describes how Sigmafine reconciles data to generate a customer’s official accounting figures and produce trusted KPI’s for the company. Join Pimsoft’s Refining and Petrochemicals Industry Principal, Marco Lanteri, as he showcases how the OSIsoft® PI System® and Sigmafine create a comprehensive solution that performs consistent production accounting, performance monitoring and energy management to enable the achievement of “one version of the truth” for an organization. Sign up to receive the presentation after the event here.

OSIsoft Abu Dhabi Regional Seminar – Abu Dhabi, UAE
April 19 – Pimsoft is proud to be an exhibitor at the OSIsoft Abu Dhabi Regional Seminar. Stop by Pimsoft’s booth to see how Sigmafine uses the OSIsoft® PI System® Asset Framework (AF) to improve and sustain data quality. To learn more about how Sigmafine and the OSIsoft® PI System® transform data into actionable information, schedule an enquiry with Marco Lanteri here.

OSIsoft PI World 2018 – San Francisco, California
April 23 through 27 – As an exhibitor at OSIsoft PI World 2018 in San Francisco, Pimsoft is excited to demonstrate Sigmafine 4.7 and new Advanced Analytics using Sigmafine data empowered by Microsoft Power BI. Pimsoft will also launch Sigmafine Applications for the OSIsoft® PI System® and introduce plans for Sigmafine extension for PI Vision®. Hunt Refining Company and Pimsoft will also make a joint presentation about the integrated yield accounting system at their Tuscaloosa refinery, which transforms data from their blending, laboratory management, tank, and movement systems. To learn more about our latest product updates and see a demonstration, schedule an enquiry with Bernard Morneau here.

OSIsoft China Regional Seminar 2018 – Suzhou, China
May 17 through 18 – Pimsoft is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor for OSIsoft’s China Regional Seminar. To confirm a meeting with Bernard Morneau about Sigmafine for data quality, schedule an enquiry here.

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