IMM and Transfer Calculation Rules – Houston

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Houston, October 23, 2019.


“Sigmafine Intelligent Movement Management (IMM) offers an integrated way to plan, activate, manage and report all plant movements. In an industrial plant it is important to accurately know and manage all the plant movements and tank information. This information may be difficult to track in conditions where multiple movement operations may occur.

Sigmafine IMM transfer calculation provides the best estimation of the movement’s quantity, by combining the tanks and meter data. This presentation provides an overview of the IMM transfer calculation rules as well as the benefits of correcting the movements data.

Presented by

Cody Drake
Project Engineer

Cody Drake started as a Sigmafine Product Specialist at Pimsoft in 2015. He has been a lead on a diverse collection of Sigmafine projects, product implementations, and customer trainings. Cody is a part of the Delivery Services team located in the Houston office and strives to best support every customer he works with. Cody attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

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