Impact of Data Management on your Enterprise Bottomline – OMS

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Houston, September 18, 2018.


The core of any enterprise rests on two pillars, namely data and process. They are universal in nature regardless of the type of industry, manufacturing or services. Data and process both supplement and complement each other, in the sense, that process generates data and data control process. Together they impact the bottom-line of an enterprise, even though their prime focus may be different. For example, process ensure safety, operability, conformance with regulations whereas data focusses on management, collection, control, optimization, reconciliation and predictability. One cannot do without the other.

This presentation will present how data management can impact the enterprise bottom line by discussing different life cycle of data management. For illustration purpose we will discuss the data management in representative business sector and enumerate all data islands at all levels of the business, with respect to their definition, collection, data quality assurance, historical preservation, discovery, integration, analysis and last but not the least, predictability of process parameters and monitoring key parameter indices (KPI) to assess the impact of data management on the bottom line.

This presentation will discuss a case study to make a business case for Sigmafine as to how Sigmafine can assist in data management with special focus on its collection mythologies for digitization, quality checks and ultimately data reconciliation to create a value for the enterprise. It will present specific examples of the significance of Sigmafine with respect to process industry, be it oil and gas, metal, water or any thing else of the kind or even distribution network.

Presented by

Dr. Suresh Agrawal
Founder & CEO
Offsite Management Systems LLC

More than 35 years of experience in Information and process control Technology and Project Management in oil and gas industry, with increasingly responsible management positions. Proven ability to develop, launch, and direct successful advanced control systems for both upstream / downstream oil and gas industries. Highly familiar with re-organizing groups to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Adept at selecting new technologies, leading internal / client technology integration, formulating and administering projects on time and within budget. Able to create and lead technical support programs, liaison with clients and partners, and manage domestic / international infrastructures. Extremely effective in fast-paced and stressful situations. Excellent presentation and communication skills.

Specialties: Management, Project Management and technical expertise for multiple, global ground up / upgrade process automation projects for the development of integrated blend control, optimization and planning systems using Linear / non-linear programming algorithms.

Conceptualization, design, develop, commission, user training and documentation of process automation systems for oil and gas industry using c#,, SQL server/Oracle and MS products.

Master Plans, business data analysis, automation strategy and recommendations for enterprise changes.

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