Leveraging Sigmafine and the PI System to Ensure Data Consistency Through the ENI Versalis MES Infrastructure

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Milan, Otober 18, 2018.


Versalis, the ENI chemical company, decided to implement a corporate wide initiative to digitalize the MES infrastructure to support management decision making. Sigmafine and the PI System have been the cornerstone technologies building the foundation for production data conditioning and processing. The solution has been deployed on several sites including chemicals facilities in Italy and abroad leading standardization of business processes all across the company. The result is an acceleration of the pace in the decision making from a month end overview to daily updates. This is the first step on a path of continuous improvement: ENI versalis vision is going to leverage existing technological assets based on Sigmafine and PI System to achieve near-real time processing of information with a model and data driven mixed approach, to ensure only properly conditioned data are processed by predictive algorithms.

Presented by

Domenico Napoli
IT Manager

Domenico Napoli is an IT engineer graduated at the University of Catania in 2007. He has been joined the ENI group since 2012 as IT project manager after a previous experience at Accenture Consulting. He participated at Versalis Information System Program as Operations team leader in charge of searching, designing and deploying new IT solutions to better control production data. Currently, Domenico is the project manager of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Laboratory Systems for Petrochemical Industry in ENI.

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