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Uniper and Pimsoft Discuss Meeting Regulatory and Financial Challenges With AF

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2016

Update: Watch Uniper’s full presentation here and download the presentation here.

Improving business performance with reliable and timely information is the story behind the presentation of Uniper and Pimsoft at the OSIsoft EMEA Users Conference in Berlin this year.

Titled “Meeting New Regulatory and Financial Challenges Through Asset Framework”, the presentation discusses how Uniper has adapted to regulatory changes by improving its business processes and generating tangible benefits for both its customers and the company.

Pimsoft will explain how Sigmafine improved the accuracy, reliability and usability of operational data to deliver better conditioned information to mission critical business processes for Uniper. This presentation also features the application of Sigmafine to Power Generation, which is a domain of interest for all industrial customers.

If you are attending the OSIsoft EMEA Users Conference, please join us during the Industry Forum on Day 2 of the event at 14:15 and discover why and how much Data Quality Matters. To meet one of our representatives at the event or enquire about Sigmafine, Contact us or Schedule an enquiry with our Sigmafine Experts.