Advanced Diagnostics

Get the job done faster and better

Pimsoft’s Sigmafine Advanced Diagnostics Add-on gives users the ability to review all reconciled data in terms of their company’s organizational standards and gain a complete picture of the results in a single view. Utilizing Sigmafine ADA dramatically simplifies and accelerates daily reconciliation operations and is the easiest way to save time in the overall reconciliation process.

Instead of viewing and analyzing each piece of raw data to look for outliers, the ADA allows users to automatically identify any values considered by their site to be unacceptable. Any data issues within a facility can be identified at a glance in its Sigmafine model so that corrective actions can be taken immediately. More time can be spent responding to and evaluating site issues rather than using valuable time to merely find and report any problems.

The ADA is completely configurable and runs in parallel with normal data reconciliation operations. Any manual data adjustments are also exposed and recorded for global transparency as an additional auditing and security feature.

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