Web Data Entry

Make it easy to capture, easy to validate…

Sigmafine Web Data Entry provides customers with a method to manually enter data using an intuitive and flexible web dashboard. This graphical data entry method not only simplifies manual data entry, but also offers additional auditing features and security measures to the process.

Web Data Entry runs within Microsoft Sharepoint and integrates with OSIsoft WebParts. Used in conjunction with Sigmafine Web Services Access, this completely configurable solution provides a collaborative environment to allow a wider set of users to participate in a well-controlled validation of input data (missing information that had to be manually entered).

The system can be configured to perform automatic calculations (from daily summaries to custom formula calculations) at specific times in order to provide the user with a value that needs to be validated. The solution tracks and highlights bad data and failed calculations, and users can modify existing values, correct bad meters, enter not-metered values and commit changes. Ultimately, Web Data Entry is an efficient and easy to use data entry method that reduces errors and saves time for customers.

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