Sigmafine Applications

Under one roof

Many Sigmafine implementations require that access to disparate, scattered and non-temporal data sets in order to complete the data validation process and deliver its results.

Sigmafine Applications are the connective tissue that bind the Sigmafine System to the people and systems of the enterprise and complement the built-in process historian connectivity of the Sigmafine Server. These layered applications are designed with two main goals in mind:

  • Facilitate the organization, collection and loading of input data into the Sigmafine Database by addressing the multiple data gathering scenarios and uses cases typical of plant operations.
  • Facilitate the transport, distribution, integration and presentation of Sigmafine results to external users, systems and business process.

The Sigmafine Applications support multiple protocols and standards enabling the Sigmafine System to fit in place nicely and rapidly.

There are currently three Sigmafine applications available:

  • Transfer Entry System: used to collect and validate field information at the source;
  • Intelligent Movement Management: collection of methods that provide an integrated way to plan, execute, manage and report material movements
  • Integration Framework: brokerage system running between the Sigmafine System and the business systems of the enterprise handling critical business information exchange

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