Sigmafine Extensions

Extend Sigmafine or the OSIsoft PI System with industry and domain specific calculation capabilities

The base Sigmafine system spans a broad range of industry verticals (Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power & Utilities, Mining & Metallurgy) but from time to time industry or domain specific analysis and calculations are required.

Optional Sigmafine Extensions address these specific needs by extending the functional capabilities of Sigmafine. Extensions implement generic and public domain analysis and calculations which are updated and supported. Customer specific extensions, involving proprietary information are also delivered on demand.

For example, the Quality Tracking extension can leverage external information such as laboratory analysis, gauging reports, transfers in and out of a given tank within a set time frame to generate incremental information such as composition changes, estimation of material properties like density, viscosity, impurity content and any other user defined, mathematically predictable, property related to mixing and blending operations.

All Sigmafine Extensions can run against Sigmafine Cases. The Thermodynamics and LNG-LPG-NGL extensions also run standalone against a given start time-end time with the OSIsoft PI System.


Calculate the energy content, calorific value and density of natural gas in liquid and gaseous phase as well as vapor and liquid volume correction factors (VCF) for LPG’s in pressurized vessels.


Estimate multi component mixtures and evaluate vapor-liquid equilibrium and thermodynamic properties using the equations of state (Peng-Robinson and Soave-Redlich-Kwong) to support Sigmafine reconciliation analysis.


Calculate water vapor content for the air-water vapor mixture and use this extension to estimate condensation and evaporation quantities and related heat in applicable unit operations and process.

Quality Tracking

Track the source and properties of materials across tanks and pipelines by applying linear or non linear mixing models to reconciled mass or volume balances generated by Sigmafine.

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