Sigmafine Extensions

Handling custom analytics and data references

Because the Sigmafine technology is based on the broadly used PI System, it can harness the power of PI-AF (Application Framework) to build custom analytics and data references called Sigmafine Plug-Ins. The resulting Plug-ins interoperate with both the Sigmafine system and the PI System of OSIsoft and provide a mean of customizing the data processing rules without impacting the core Sigmafine system and its supportability. Here are some examples of a Sigmafine Plug-Ins:

Intelligent Tank

A tank plug-in can compile external information such as laboratory analysis, gauging reports, transfers in and out of a given tank within a set time frame to generate incremental information such as composition and composition changes, weight to volume and volume to weight conversions, properties and other mathematically predictable properties in the case of a mixing operations for example.

Calculation Plug-ins to support industry standards

Pimsoft continuously develops specific calculations to support any industry standard (e.g., ASTM or API, among others) that might not be currently available in the core Sigmafine product. These plug-ins are created with the same look and feel of the standard components, extending the system functionality to satisfy new business requirements related to the adoption of industry or company standards. Its deployment requires a simple server installation of the plug-in, making available the calculation results to all model and data users.

Pimsoft’s team is experienced at developing and using PI-AF plug ins to ensure that the Sigmafine system fits in place and adapts to the current standards of the customers.

Plug-ins are portable across systems and can be part of the strategy to deliver consistency across the value chain of the enterprise.

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