Product Overview

The Sigmafine App for Thermodynamics extends Sigmafine or the OSIsoft PI Asset Framework (PI AF) by embedding thermodynamic calculations based on proven calculation methods for multicomponent mixtures executed in near real-time.  The results can be exposed as KPI representing an equipment’s work, duty or efficiency. This app eliminates the need to post-process data in Excel or other engineering tool since everything resides in the structure of Sigmafine or PI  AF. Equations of state used by the App address specifically the needs of the oil and gas industry.


Sigmafine® App for Thermodynamics is able to handle multicomponent mixtures and evaluate vapor-liquid equilibrium and thermodynamic properties through the use of equations of state (Peng-Robinson and Soave-Redlich-Kwong).

The App includes a database of physical property correlations for a large number of chemical species to complement the predictions of the equations of state, especially for the liquid phase.

Moreover, the App is able to predict properties of petroleum assays based on the definition of an array of pseudocomponents and their laboratory distillation curve.

The most common properties that can be evaluated are: vaporization fraction, composition of each phase, enthalpy and entropy of mixture or of a specific phase, density, compressibility factor, specific heat, etc.


Sigmafine® App for Thermodynamics complements PI® System and PI AF with the capability of having on-line un-measurable process data such has enthalpy, density, vaporized fraction etc. and bringing performance monitoring to the next level. Engineers and energy managers have now actionable KPIs based on well proven thermodynamic methods. This results in better process insight and faster reaction time.

The App has been natively designed to work within PI AF and inherits years of field use in projects coupled with Sigmafine® energy balance.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 and above
  • PI Asset Framework 2016 and above
  • Sigmafine 4.6.8 and above or PI System Access (PSA) license


  • Leadership in Energy Management at IPLOM S.p.A.
  • Undisclosed customer (Italy): Performance Monitoring of a large styrene purification column
  • Undisclosed customer (UAE): Integrated Mass and Energy Balance and Production Accounting: application on ethylene production plants

Ordering Information

  • Product ID:  SF-EXT-THE (for use with Sigmafine) and PI-EXT-THE (for use with OSIsoft PI System)
  • License Size: 1 000, 3 000, 6 000, 10 000, 15 000, 20 000 Elements

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