Excel Add-in

Self-serve reporting and analytics for the Entrepreneurial Knowledge Worker

The Sigmafine Excel Add-in allows users to evaluate site performance by utilizing the powerful analytical, graphical, and formatting functions in Microsoft Excel to manage and report data available on the Sigmafine Server. All analysis information from Sigmafine is made available in Excel which greatly simplifies and accelerates the creation of report templates or ad-hoc reports based on the data model.

Accessing model data and structural information is accomplished through the use of Sigmafine ribbon menu items in Excel. With the add-in, users can access data from the Sigmafine model to perform such functions as analyzing measurement error and creating reports.

Because of the graphic navigational tools provided by the Sigmafine Add-in, users can easily create custom reports or calculations without having to know the structure of the model and without having to do any computer programming.

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