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Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals can implement Sigmafine end to end with a proven methodology using pre-defined service packages or adapting service packages to clients’ individual needs.

The lifecycle of a Sigmafine system is typically divided into four phases:


  • Envision – assessment of the current situation, understanding of the decision and operation context and development of an implementation strategy and roll-out plan
  • Implement – the implementation phase is a project combining data collection, model building, testing, and commissioning
  • Train – an important phase of the project ensuring that the investment in the Sigmafine technology can be fully leveraged
  • Application Management – for many customers, using the data is more important than the process of generating the accurate, credible and usable data. For these customers, Pimsoft offers a post-sale application maintenance as a complement to our industry standard software support program.


  • Description: Services to formulate an implementation plan and understand customer requirements and context
  • Audience: New Sigmafine customers; Sites where Sigmafine is not implemented or migrating from a internally developed application
  • Objective: Assess project feasibility, readiness and risks as well as identifies potential benefit areas.


  • Description: Suite of professional services to set up Sigmafine
  • Audience: New Sigmafine customers; Sites where Sigmafine is not implemented
  • Objective: To provide customers with consulting and information for the successful deployment of Sigmafine in their organizations.


  • Description: Classes provided about Sigmafine subjects ranging from basic knowledge to advanced topics
  • Audience: Sigmafine customers; Pimsoft partner companies
  • Objective: Basic classes prepare the student in the use and administration of Sigmafine. Advanced classes can be tailored based on customer needs.

Application Management

  • Description: Advanced support for the development, consulting and maintenance in all aspects of Sigmafine
  • Audience: Customers requiring more consistent hands-on support due to factors such as having many customized applications, restricted company resources to perform necessary updates regularly, etc.
  • Objective: To provide dedicated user support and corrective, adaptive and preventive maintenance to preserve the Sigmafine solution over the years.

From consulting to installations and configurations to the maintenance of applications, Pimsoft is a trusted partner in your journey to improve process and manufacturing data quality, credibility and usability across the enterprise.