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System Updates

Keep your Sigmafine system in sync with your business


Are you currently considering:

  • An upgrade from an older version 4.x;
  • An extension of the functionality (application-specific plug-ins such as: TES, IF, IMM, etc.)
  • An expansion of the scope of the system (such as increasing the number of licensed elements)
  • E – upgrading , looking to expand the scope of the Sigmafine system or extend (more functions) its capabilities or all three at the same time, our upgrade and expansion, this service package with
  • All three of the above or any other services that would have impact


We can put together a service package that will ensure your Sigmafine System continues to deliver trustable and reliable data to your mission critical business applications. Customers who are current on their Sigmafine SMP subscriptions are eligible to receive the latest versions of Sigmafine software. Customers who purchased SF Add-in to the PI system and are current on their OSIsoft SRP are also eligible to receive the latest version of Sigmafine .


Sigmafine Update

  • Definition: Customers who have a recent version of Sigmafine but want to upgrade to the latest release for that version (for instance, a Sigmafine 4.5.1 site updating to Sigmafine 4.5.3).
  • Objective: To provide additions, enhancements and fixes to the latest software.
  • Service Package: Includes Sigmafine software installation

Sigmafine Expansion

  • Definition: Adding additional Sigmafine components, such as SQL Access or Integration Framework, to an existing Sigmafine system.
  • Objective: To increase and enhance the capabilities and functionalities of a Sigmafine system.
  • Service Package: Includes Sigmafine software installation

Sigmafine Extension

  • Definition: Increasing size of an existing Sigmafine system, for example from 3000 Elements to 6000 Elements.
  • Objective: To increase the amount and/or variety of data available in a Sigmafine system; instances of use include: expansion of plant, change in business requirements, additions to the plant, etc.
  • Service Package: Includes Sigmafine software installation

Other Sigmafine Services

    Pimsoft also provides many “a la carte” onsite and remote services upon demand.

    Examples of Additional Services:

  • Sigmafine Consulting
  • Sigmafine Coaching
  • Sigmafine Model Assessment
  • Sigmafine Modeling
  • Application/Code Development