Sigmafine 4.7 Will Offer Increased Compatibility and New Calculations

Sigmafine 4.7 will be released in Q2 2018. Sigmafine users can look forward to improved compatibility with the latest Microsoft and OSIsoft products, a new Sigmafine SQL Access interface and features, and additional customizations and calculations.

New releases of all Sigmafine add-ons, applications, and extensions will be available for the 4.7 release. The list below describes some of the featured updates.

Sigmafine SQL Access is completely redeveloped with a new client experience. Set Admin, Configurator and Publisher roles to meet your requirements. Configure Sigmafine cases and tables for self-publishing.

Sigmafine Excel Add-in allows users to upgrade Microsoft Office while maintaining compatibility with Sigmafine and includes several fixes and improvements.

New Sigmafine Analysis Rules (AR) are available, such as Sigmafine Sequential AR which runs a defined sequence of analyses over a single case. Use Sigmafine Universal Calculation AR to run any calculation and copy/export all results over attributes configured with different DRs.

New Sigmafine Data References (DR), such as Sigmafine Utility, Transfer Summary, TimeInState, and ComponentAR DRs, are now included with the Sigmafine 4.7 Server.

Sigmafine Modeler 4.7 can organize Sigmafine models and displays in a hierarchy.

Sigmafine Thermodynamic Package can be configured to access Flash Attribute data from different Elements without using the formula data reference.

Once Sigmafine 4.7 is released, more details on the product updates and system compatibility options will be available in the product release notes and manuals. Sigmafine licensees and Pimsoft partners will be able to download the new documentation from our Sigmafine Support Portal.

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