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Applying Sigmafine in Chemicals

Petrochemical industry produces most of the commodities required by large market sectors such as agriculture, packaging, construction, automotive, etc. Production is currently growing driven by global GDP and population growth. Although an overall positive outlook, several factors (political changes, oil price fluctuations, changes in feedstocks availability, environmental laws) require more careful decisions both in planning and in operations. Availability is not enough for data driven decisions: consistency and accuracy are imperative requirements to achieve better sensitivity and judgment: data quality matters!

Sigmafine, the state-of-the-art data validation and reconciliation software, puts in relation raw process data, material transactions and business data in one model constrained by first principles equations, to get a refined set of consistent and more accurate information to support your decisional process. Sigmafine is currently used in major petrochemicals sites to drive the daily business of integrated refinery and petrochemicals, LNG, olefins and polyolefins, methanol and derivatives.

Production Accounting

Sigmafine supports daily job of accountants in large petrochemical facilities, even in combination with refinery. Validated and reconciled data are combined with material information to provide reports of productions and consumptions, inventory stocks, site balance by material or plant / process units’ yield.

Example of a material balance report
Example of a material balance report

Harmonize inter-company material exchanges

In large sites with many companies or complex joint ventures when many materials are produced and consumed among the plants, it is hard to achieve a set of productions and consumption figures agreed among all the parties.

Example of inter-company connectivity
Example of inter-company connectivity

Sigmafine modeling of all the intra and inter-company transfers of material combined with flow meter data and accuracy and inventory measurements provides to the ERP system a consistent daily balance of all productions and consumptions: no more misalignments at the end of the month and a traceable and auditable source of data for complete transparency in material balance.

Composition and Quality Tracking

Sigmafine Composition and Quality Tracking analyses increase plant knowledge by calculating composition and qualities (e.g. density, viscosity, Sulphur content, etc.) of materials stocked in the inventories or fed to the process units providing up-to-date estimates.

Monitoring can be done on daily or even hourly rate, enabling operations to take actions and timely fix production inefficiencies.

Planning can be updated along the month to optimize overall logistics and reduce related costs; furthermore, an assessment of raw material and production costs based on unit feed qualities can be performed.

Influence of material composition (histogram) on qualities (trend)
Influence of material composition (histogram) on qualities (trend)

Model based performance monitoring

Being it a distillation column, a cracking furnace, a multi-stage compressor or a full ethylene production plant, Sigmafine can provide detailed modeling of your facility together with performance KPIs such as efficiencies, process duty, energy consumption, heat losses, flaring, etc.

Example of model based performance monitoring
Example of model based performance monitoring

For such applications, Sigmafine is typically configured with mass and energy balance supported by a thermodynamic package with an extensive database of chemical components.

Sigmafine can run unattended and provide operators validated performance indicators on a regular time basis (hourly or even less) to act at proper time, improving process operation (e.g. keep product in spec by better operating looking at the reconciled fuel consumption).

Sigmafine equipment KPIs are used both by process department for plant analysis and by maintenance to know in advance how performance of equipment is changing over time and take action accordingly.

Supported Applications

Modeling flexibility and a wide range of data analyses make Sigmafine the ideal solution to target:

  • Production accounting even inclusive of complex joint-ventures or multi-affiliate sites
  • Performance monitoring at both plant and equipment level
  • Energy management and emission monitoring
  • Composition and quality tracking of materials

SAP Integration

Sigmafine comes with an Integration Framework component allowing data exposing to external systems and facilitating integration with most common ERP systems, including SAP. Most common SAP modules integrated with Sigmafine are:

  • PPPI: post reconciled figures of Productions, Consumptions & Losses and compare with Planned/Business figures
  • SD: download from SAP inbound raw material receipts and outbound final product shipments
  • WM / MM: align physical or logical SAP inventories with Sigmafine ones


Improved data quality in the Oil & Gas Refinery Industry are primarily associated with:

  • Production accounting automation and validation>;
  • Validated and auditable estimates of raw materials, intermediates and products inventories>;
  • Validated KPIs for improved process control and optimization systems

Business Impact

Many customers have achieved, through the single Sigmafine implementation, automation of the daily production accounting, performance monitoring, yield accounting, loss monitoring as well as the direct connectivity and distribution of results throughout the organization this official information which are safeguarded and auditable.  Additional benefits such as improvements in production planning and logistic can also be realized.

Sigmafine References in Refining

Logo Customer Used For Benefit
ENI Versalies: Learn how ENI Versalies uses Sigmafine mass balance, Quality Tracking and Integration Framework to plan and optimize selling and shipping activities, monitor plant efficiencies and perform accurate daily consumption and inventories declaration in SAP Used for supply chain & logistic optimization, production accounting; equipment monitoring (via validated efficiencies; Automatic plant/production/yield accounting and inventory; Systems integration; corrected production performance calculation; automatic daily monitoring or qualities of inventories, production performance Learn More
Dow Corning: Learn how Dow Corning, the conglomerate, uses the Sigmafine technology to completely automate the daily production accounting through to SAP validation and posting Used for production accounting; automatic validation and posting to SAP Automatic production accounting and inventory validation; Full integration of the production accounting system in to SAP. Learn More
Olefin Plants: Explore how large-scale olefins sites tackles accurate asset performance simultaneously with corporate level production accounting using Sigmafine, with its thermodynamic extension, configured to perform coupled mass & energy balance Performance monitoring, real-time validated KPIs, loss monitoring (mass and energy) and unmeasured flow estimation Plant capacity maximization, transparent energy management of furnace, crackers and power generation Learn More


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