Driving business growth for LNG facilities through improved data accuracy

Implementing Sigmafine in LNG

The liquified natural gas (LNG) industry is emerging as one of the fastest growing segments in the energy space. As LNG plants strive to meet the increasing demands of the market, they’re recognizing the important role data validation and accuracy play in making informed business decisions that drive growth.

To maximize that growth and achieve operational efficiency, LNG plants are using Pimsoft’s Sigmafine software to improve production data consistency, quality, and traceability. Sigmafine’s robust data reconciliation engine validates raw plant measurements, serving as a validation checkpoint between a facility’s raw process data and its information personnel.

Benefits of Adopting Sigmafine

More Accurate Production Accounting

Sigmafine empowers meter and data accuracy by identifying and reducing measurement biases and drifts. The software seamlessly identifies data inconsistencies, bad values, and gross errors by aggregating multiple data sources (e.g. historicized data, laboratory data, external inputs) into one dataset, thus creating a single, accurate source of truth.

Complex Production Allocation Management

LNG facilities may have complex joint ventures that govern the type and quantity of materials that are produced and consumed. Sigmafine properly allocates volumes and energy according to the ownership structure. Furthermore, Sigmafine’s model of the intra- and inter-company materials transfers, combined with flow meter data and inventory measurements, provides the ERP system consistent, accurate production and consumption balances. This effectively eradicates end-of-month misalignments and provides a traceable, transparent source of material balance data.

Up-to-Date Composition Tracking

Sigmafine’s composition tracking analyses provide up-to-date estimates of materials stocked in inventories or fed to process units. Estimates can be calculated daily or even hourly, empowering operations teams to fix production deviations quickly.

Near-Real-Time Energy Balance

Sigmafine applies mathematical constraints to perform near-real-time energy balances and thus increases energy efficiencies. In this model, Sigmafine is typically configured with mass and energy balance supported by a LNG extension.

Ways to Apply Sigmafine

Sigmafine’s flexible modeling and data analysis capabilities make it ideal for:

  • Accounting for and allocating production within complex joint ventures or multi-affiliate sites
  • Monitoring plant and equipment performance
  • Managing energy
  • Validating environmental data
  • Tracking the composition and quality of materials

The Benefits of Investing in Data Quality

Improved data quality in the LNG industry can facilitate:

  • Production allocation based on corporate structure
  • Accurate royalties calculations based on a balanced production account statement
  • Stock loss reduction due to improved inventory balancing within the overall mass balance
  • Accurate meter technology evaluation

The Business Impact of Sigmafine

Sigmafine provides LNG facilities significant opportunities for business and operational improvement, including:

  • Validating process data quality
  • Optimizing meter accuracy by identifying and reducing measurement bias and drifts
  • Applying constraints to balance energy contents and assess gains and losses
  • Tracking natural gas composition levels and energy output quality
  • Allocating volume and energy according to even the most complicated ownership structures
  • Creating ad hoc solutions to support tank management, inventory reporting, LNG calculations, compliance reporting, and more

Sigmafine References in LNG

Cheniere - Relying on Sigmafine Data Software

Customer: Cheniere Energy, Inc.

Title: Cheniere: LNG Production and Inventory Accounting on an Energy Basis

Prepared by: Matthew Carlson, Production Engineer, Cheniere Energy, Inc.

Abstract: Cheniere is able to add meaning and context to the disparate data in their LNG facilities to increase the value of their assets with the help of Sigmafine.

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Customer: Qatargas Operating Co. Ltd.

Title: Sigmafine underpinning Allocation Success within the World’s largest LNG Company: Lessons Learned

Prepared by: Bhavin Maheta - Senior Hydrocarbon Accounting Engineer, Qatargas Operating Co. Ltd.

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Applying Sigmafine in LNG and Related Industries

Pimsoft Report: Overview of the Sigmafine LNG Extension
Used for: LNG, LPG industries for energy and volume balancing
Benefit: Estimation of LNG physical properties; energy balance

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