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Applying Sigmafine in LNG

Liquified natural gas (LNG), seen as a cleaner feedstock, is experiencing an increase in demand. The LNG market is emerging as one of the fastest growing segment in the energy industry. It is rapidly playing a bigger role in the energy mix, and the market for it is expected to continue to grow.

Process data validation and accuracy of the data is the basis for proper management of information and accurate business decisions. In the LNG industry product allocation, gas interchangeability and material composition are only some of the major challenges.

Improve the consistency, quality, and traceability of production data with Pimsoft’s Sigmafine data reconciliation software. Sigmafine extends the rich benefits of OSIsoft’s PI System by providing a validation checkpoint between a facility’s raw process data and its information personnel. Sigmafine uses a robust data reconciliation engine to reconcile and validate raw plant measurements, which can then be compared to baseline parameters and predetermined business plans. Sigmafine uses a robust data reconciliation engine to reconcile and validate raw plant measurements, which can then be compared to baseline parameters and pre-determined business plans.

Example of an LNG Process Model

Production Accounting

Sigmafine supports daily job of accountants in LNG facilities by validating the quality of your process data and optimizing you meter accuracy via the identification and reduction of measurement bias and drifts. Sigmafine seamlessly identifies data inconsistencies, bad values or gross errors, by including multiple source of information (historicized data, laboratory data, external inputs) in one single integrated environment, creating a “one version of the truth” data-set.

Production Allocation

LNG facilities may have complex joint ventures which governs materials which are produced and consumed where is it necessary to achieve a set of productions and consumption figures agreed among all the parties.

Sigmafine can properly allocate volumes and energy according to ownership throughout the facility. Sigmafine modeling of all the intra and inter-company transfers of material combined with flow meter data and accuracy and inventory measurements provides to the ERP system a consistent daily balance of all productions and consumptions: no more misalignments at the end of the month and a traceable and auditable source of data for complete transparency in material balance.

Production Allocation Example
Production Allocation Example

Composition Tracking

Sigmafine Composition Tracking analyses increase plant knowledge by calculating composition of materials stocked in the inventories or fed to the process units providing up-to-date estimates.

Monitoring can be done on daily or even hourly rate, enabling operations to take actions and timely fix production deviations.

Energy Balance

Apply mathematical constraints to increase energy efficiencies by performing near real-time energy balance. Sigmafine is typically configured with mass and energy balance supported by a LNG extension.

Supported Applications

Modeling flexibility and a wide range of data analyses make Sigmafine the ideal solution to target:

  • Production accounting & allocation inclusive of complex joint-ventures or multi-affiliate sites
  • Performance monitoring at both plant and equipment level
  • Energy management and environmental data validation
  • Composition and quality tracking of materials


Improved data quality in the LNG Industry are primarily associated with:

  • Production allocation based on corporate structure;
  • Royalties calculation based on a balanced production account statement;
  • Stock loss reduction due improved inventory balancing within the overall mas balance
  • Meter technology accurate evaluation

Business Impact

Sigmafine provides a reconciliation engine to validate the quality of your process data and optimize your meters accuracy by identifying and reducing measurements bias and drifts. Within the same digital environment, the solution can be extended to perform an energy contents balance by applying mathematical constraints to better asses the gain and identify losses in your LNG facility. LNG facilities may require that the natural gas composition measurement to be tracked to monitor the quality and energy content of your outputs; this can again can be achieved within the Sigmafine framework. The ownership of LNG facilities may be complicated, thus requiring a systematic, auditable solution to properly allocate volume and energy according to their specific owners which may be achieved via Sigmafine configuration. Sigmafine structure easily facilitates ad-hoc solutions supporting tank management and inventories reporting, LNG calculations (es. Wobbe indexes, Interchangeability, Compressibility Factor…) and distribute your reports (i.e. Custody Transfer Report, BTU Calculations, …), and validation of emissions used in environmental reporting and compliance.

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