Hear from the voice of our customers. Many times they face the same pain points as you, and this is a chance to see how they were able to address them.

Sigmafine Application in SP Chemicals – Taixing Plant

A case study on a proof of concept using Sigmafine for production accounting & inventory management to improve the quality of the material balance of the production plant.

ArcelorMittal: Digital Transformation of Excel spreadsheets to the #1 KPI in our plant, using Sigmafine

A digital transformation journey to achieve a high level of trust and confidence in the production data at an Iron ore pelletizing plant using Sigmafine.

Using Sigmafine to Improve Production Accounting and Data Reconciliation at Chevron Refineries

A look at the replacement of aging disparate systems used to manage inventory, material transfers, and purchases/sales of feedstocks & finished products.

Cheniere: LNG Production and Inventory Accounting on an Energy Basis 

Cheniere is able to add meaning and context to the disparate data in their LNG facilities to increase the value of their assets with the help of Sigmafine.

Iplom – Supporting Timely Business Decisions in an Agile Refinery with Sigmafine

Learn how Iplom uses Sigmafine to monitor plant operations, track production targets, track oil movement operations, and improve efficiency through energy management.

Mol & Sigmafine: Together on the road for more than 20 years! 

Learn how Mol uses Sigmafine to drive business strategy in close conjunction with refinery operations to ensure efficient energy management and deliver continued success.

Sigmafine, A Reconcilliation Journey – ORPIC

In 2013, Sigmafine revolutionized Orpic’s accounting methodology, empowering a switch from conventional material balances managed in spreadsheets to a standardized, digital model. This workflow automated data collection, reconciliation, and publishing, and helped improve measurements and reduce losses – and it’s still adding value. Learn how in this presentation.

Achieving Operational Excellence with Automated Hydrocarbon Accounting with Sigmafine at Reliance

Technology empowers operational excellence in the hydrocarbon industry, but that excellence requires well-conditioned data. This presentation addresses common challenges faced in the hydrocarbon manufacturing industries and how to overcome them when standardizing and automating processes.

Digitalizing the Value Chain Mass Balance for an Integrated Energy Company – NIS

In this presentation, NIS, one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in Southeast Europe, will share how they’re using Sigmafine and the PI System to serve the entire value chain, including 190 business and corporate users.

The Multiple Uses and Benefits of a Well-Conditioned Refinery Dataset – Phillips 66

Phillips 66’s Sweeny Refinery uses Sigmafine to validate and organize data for use by people, systems, and processes. This presentation tells the story of their digital transformation and the core benefits of using Sigmafine to prepare the refinery for the future.



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